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Are your cupcakes made daily?
Our cupcakes are made daily, We decorate first thing in the morning, and we make additional cupcakes as needed.

If I buy more cupcakes will I save more money?
Yes, the more you buy the more you save! If you purchase six or more cupcakes, you save $2.10. If you purchase 12 cupcakes, you save $4.20. In addition to this you don’t pay tax when you purchase 6 or more cupcakes. We also offer larger discounts for corporate and wedding orders. You can mix and match the cupcakes, and still take advantage of the discounts.

What happens to your left over cupcakes?
If we have left over products, we will donate it.

How long do your cupcakes last for?
Our cupcakes have a three day shelf life. Of course, just like anything the flavour will be better when they are enjoyed closest to the date of purchase.

What is the best way to store my cupcakes?
Leave them in the box or put them in a sealed container on your counter. Don’t put them in the fridge, this can dry out the cupcake and harden the icing.

Can you make custom cupcakes?
We can mix and match icings, cupcakes and toppings. We are also able to match most colours. If you have a colour that you would like, just bring us in a sample.

Do you make gluten free cupcakes?
Not at this time

Are your cupcakes nut free?
We do use nuts in some of our products, therefore we can’t guarantee that trace amounts won’t be present in all products.

Can I place an order?
Absolutely, we require 24hrs notice for an order. However, if you have forgotten to place an order or have a last minute get together, just give us a call and we will try to accommodate.

Do you have a party room?
We are really excited about our new party room. It comfortably seats 16 people. If you have more than 16 we can arrange for your event to be held in the store front.

Do you have to be a child to have a party at HappyCakes?
Cupcakes aren’t just for kids! We would love to host your corporate event, shower or just a girls night out. Let us know how we can help you to have the perfect party.

Do you do cupcakes for weddings?
Cupcakes are a popular and practical alternative. We would love to provide you with cupcakes for your special day. We offer complimentary tasting and wedding discounts. We can customize the cupcakes to coordinate with your wedding. We also offer stand rentals, delivery and set up.

Do you make cupcakes for corporate events?
Yes, we would be happy to cater your function.

Do you sell cakes?
Yes we make cakes. You can order any one of our standard cakes, that come in either a 6,8, or 10 inch round. We will also work with you to create a custom look.

Do you sell mini cupcakes?
We sell minicakes by the dozen in the store. If you would like to order less than a dozen and prefer a particular flavour, please order in advance.

What other products do you sell?
We also specialize in cakes, cake pops and fudge. We serve coffee and tea as well as a selection of cold beverages. You can also browse in the retail section of our store, where you will find many cupcake themed novelties.

Do you make gluten free cupcakes
Yes we do, we have vanilla gluten free cupcakes with a variety of icing flavours.