Balloon Bouquets

Happycakes provides a variety of helium balloon bouquets for any special occasion. We have a large selection of balloons which you can choose from to design your very own balloon bouquet.

We use only high quality 11 inch latex and foil balloons. Our latex balloons will remain full for at least 2 days and our foil balloons can last for several weeks.

Balloon bouquets are a perfect addition to your cupcakes or cake! Our balloons need to be pre-ordered a minimum of 24 hours in advance.


  • 11 inch latex $ 1.39 each
  • Foil/Specialty $4.49 each
  • Weight .99 each

Mix and match any our balloons and we will put it together for you to create a faboulous arrangement!


Do you have any clip art or on line pictures that are good quality of balloon bouquets that you could put on the page?
11 inch latex - $1.69
Foil: 4.79
Weight : $1.39