The premium spot for ordering Custom Cakes!

Our journey into the world of custom cakes has been an exciting one! When we started making cakes, we were only making a few a week, now we book up most weekends.  Our hard work has paid off!  We have developed a reputation as being the “it” spot for a custom cake!

Customers often tell us that they can’t believe that our cakes taste as good as they look! This is really important to us. It’s great to have a fabulous cake but it’s even better to have a fabulous cake that tastes great! ­­

A cake is truly a work of art, which requires a great deal of planning and organizing. Baking and decorating the cake is just one piece. For this reason we need at least a few days’ notice to accommodate cake orders.  Unfortunately, a few days’ notice does not always guarantee that we will be able to make your cake. The more notice the better. Due to the amount of work that is involved in making a cake, we can only accommodate so many in one week or weekend. We tend to be busiest on Friday, Saturday and Sunday!

Building our cake business has been so much fun for both myself and my staff as we love the opportunity to get creative!  If Rachel, our head cake decorator has taken your order before, you have probably noticed how excited she gets if you have a unique cake or a cake with a lot of detail. She loves to challenge herself and enjoys making so many different cakes! That being said I think that she was pretty exhausted one recent weekend when she had to make 27 cakes!

If you are interested in having a cake made, we have lots of pictures on our website as well as books to look at in store.  If you have a picture of a cake that you would like please either email it to us or bring it in store. We are happy to discuss details with you and work with you to make the perfect cake!




What does it take to work at Happycakes?

If you have been into our store you know how amazing our staff is! We have been so fortunate to have such a great team working with us! I can’t tell you how many resumes we get and how many customers ask us how they can get a job at Happycakes!

Well it takes a very energetic, enthusiastic, and special individual to make the cut! Happycakes is a fun place to work but its also hard work! As all the girls can attest to we are always busy and in those rare quiet moments there is always something to do! Although we get lots of resumes, we are rarely hiring as we have very little turn over….maybe it’s the staff discounts that keeps them here!

Not only do we have a great group of girls working with us, but we also have a special head baker, who happens to be my dad! Although my dad has been retired for several years, he was excited to help us out and work in our store! What started out as a few hours a week has quickly evolved into a lot more work then he bargained for! Not only is my dad part of the team, we have also had a cousin and an aunt work with us too!

Thank you to all of our wonderful staff!

What is the deal with Red Velvet?

I loose count of the number of people a day who ask us what our best selling cupcake is! When we tell them that it is our Red Velvet cupcake…this is often followed by a multitude of questions about Red Velvet! What is Red Velvet? What does it taste like? Why is it so popular? Why do I keep hearing about Red Velvet? And so on and so on……

We probably sell twice as many red velvet cupcakes then any of our other cupcakes. Most of our customers enjoy a variety of our cupcakes, but many of our Red Velvet lovers will order nothing but Red Velvet! We have been doing a lot of Red Velvet cupcakes and cakes for weddings this year, and often the bride wants nothing but Red Velvet!

So where did Red Velvet cake come from?
Red velvet cake has traditionally been a Southern speciality. There are many fun stories about how the cake was actually invented! There is talk of it being first made at a hotel in New York, at a department store in Canada as well as it being fined tuned during the Second World War. There are many versions and “secret ingredients” from beet juice to vinegar being added to the recipe. Try as you might we will never tell what our secret ingredient is!

What is Red Velvet Cake?
The best way I can describe RV cake is that it not quite chocolate and not quite vanilla! We use a hint of coca powder, just enough to add a rich a delicious taste. We always top off our Red Velvet with cream cheese icing. Red velvet just isn’t complete without cream cheese! There is just something about the way the cake tastes with the cream cheese icing that makes it irresistible!

If you haven’t had the opportunity to try one of our Red Velvet cupcakes, you must! Be sure and add one to your next order!

Cake decorating really is an art!

It’s been almost a year since we started making custom cakes! It seemed like a natural jump to go from cupcakes to cakes, but it took awhile to make the leap! Everyday we had customers asking us when we were going to start making cakes. Everyone wanted their favourite cupcake in the form of a cake! Well, we can happily report that we are so glad that we made the leap!

We are so fortunate to have two talented cake decorators who are both creative and artistic. Cake decorating really is an art! If you have had the opportunity to see any of their work or browsed though some of our pictures on either our website or FB page (Happycakes Surrey) you would agree!

Designing a custom cake does take time and can be a process! We like to discuss your ideas with you and give you different options based on your budget. When discussing price we always tell our customers that “price is completely determined by the amount of time that a cake takes us to do.” Obviously the more detailed a cake, the more labour intensive which in turn increases the price of that cake.

To get that smooth silky look we often cover cakes in fondant, in particular wedding cakes. Some customers like fondant others do not. We often make flowers or other figurines out of fondant and gum paste. One thing to keep in mind is that our expert cake decorators can still get your buttercream icing smooth, so many people opt for buttercream but then have figurines or designs made out of fondant or gum paste. Some customers also opt to bring in figurines or accessories to put on their cake opposed to having us make the items.

A few simply steps to determine your cake needs:

1. Let us know what you are looking for, if you have an idea we can work with that. Even better if you have a picture bring it in or email it to us at
2. How many people would you like to serve?
3. What flavour are you looking for? What filling? What colour?
4. Do you want writing on your cake?
5. Do you want your cake covered in fondant or buttercream?
6. Does your cake have figurines i.e. rubber ducky, hello kitty etc. Is it something you would like us to make for you or do you want to pick something up and we can put in on the cake for you and decorate around it?

We are never to busy for questions! We understand that creating the perfect cake can take time and there is a lot to consider!

What a busy and exciting few years it has been for us over here at Happycakes!

What a busy and exciting few years it has been for us over here at Happycakes! For those of you who know us or have gotten to know us, by visiting our store, you know how crazy the cupcake and cake business can be!

My husband and I had been toying with the idea of going into the cupcake business for the last seven years. The prospect of having our own business and developing a brand was really exciting to us, but overwhelming at times! With a young family and all that goes along with that we weren’t sure if we could fit it into our already busy lives. As time passed our passion and vision only grew and it was clear that this was an idea that we weren’t willing let go of. So, we finally took the leap and haven’t looked back!

We initially started with just cupcakes. We wanted to create the perfect cupcake! If we were going to specialize in cupcakes we needed to create a premium product that would have people coming back for more! We started with about 20 signature cupcakes and have continued to add more delicious flavours. Our newest addition is the black tie cupcake, a marble cake topped with chocolate and vanilla buttercream and a chocolate candy!

In the past two years we have added more items to our menu; ice cream, fudge, hot and cold beverages, cake pops and custom cakes. We also carry a selection of retail items, including cards and cupcake themed giftware.

We make everything daily in our store, with the exception of our fudge. One of our regular customers, who has her own small business makes the fudge for us. We were so excited when we saw that she made red velvet fudge. As many of you know Red Velvet is our most popular cupcake, so we knew that red velvet fudge would be a hit!

Having two young girls we know the importance of a good birthday party! We were super excited to turn our back room into a party room. We wanted to create a room that kids loved and a room that had enough character that parents didn’t feel the need to spend more money on decorations. We then worked on developing a “party template”. We wanted to create parties where kids and parents could just show up! Our parties have been hugely successful and we book up fast!

It’s so wonderful to be part of the community of Clayton (located on Surrey/Langley border). We have met so many wonderful families and other business owners who have been so supportive of our business! We look forward to many more years in this great community!