1. Are your cupcakes made daily?

Yes! Our cupcakes are made fresh each morning! We’re there bright and early getting our cupcakes out for the day, and we make additional cupcakes throughout the day as needed.

2. If I buy more cupcakes, will I save more money?

Yes, the more you buy, the more you save! For every 6 cupcakes purchased, you save $2.10. If you buy 12 cupcakes, you save $4.20, and so on! In addition to this, you don’t pay tax when you buy 6 or more cupcakes. You can mix and match the cupcakes and still take advantage of these savings. We also offer larger discounts for large discounts. Please contact Rachel for more details on this.

3. What happens to your left over cupcakes?

If we have left overs at the end of the night, they are sold the next day in our “Day Old” section at 50% off.

4. What is the shelf life of your cupcakes?

Our cupcakes have a 3 day shelf life. Of course, just like anything they will taste best if they are enjoyed closest to the purchase date.

5. Do you make custom cupcakes?

Yes, we do! We can match most colours if you’re wanting custom coloured cupcakes. Just bring us a colour sample! We can also make custom fondant toppers to go along with any theme. Please contact Rachel for more details and for pricing.

6. Do you make Gluten Free Cupcakes?

Yes, we do! We offer vanilla gluten free cupcakes with an assortment of buttercream icings. We have gluten free cupcakes available in shop most days, but they do sell out quick so give us a call to place an order! There is no minimum order for gluten free cupcakes.

7. Are your cupcakes nut-free?

We do use nuts in some of our products, therefore we can’t guarantee that trace amounts won’t be present in all products. We do however take all precautions to keep our peanut products separate from the rest of our inventory.

8. Can I place an order for cupcakes?

Absolutely. Placing an order is the best way to make sure you’re getting the exact cupcakes you want, as our store front does sell out towards the end of the day. There is no minimum order for cupcake orders. Most days we only need a couple hours notice to make up an order for you.

9. Do you do cupcakes for weddings?

Cupcakes are a popular and practical alternative. We would love to provide you with cupcakes for you special day. We offer complimentary taste testing and wedding discounts on large orders. We can customize the cupcakes to coordinate with your wedding. We also offer stand rentals, delivery, and set up.

10. Do you offer cupcakes for corporate events?

Yes! We would be happy to cater your function. We offer discounts on large orders, and can print edible images logos each cupcake if desired. Please contact Rachel for more details and pricing.

11. Do you sell cakes?

Yes, we make cakes! You can order any style cake you would like. You can have a look through our website gallery, Facebook Page, or Instagram for pictures of cakes we have created, or you can email us a photo of a cake you would like us to replicate. We typically need 3-5 days notice for all cake orders, however we do book up on weekends so the most notice, the better! We also have a selection of ready-made cakes you can pickup in the store at any time.

12. Do you sell mini cupcakes?

Yes, we do! We sell packages of a daily assortment of 12 minis each day. We also have a separate selection of minis you can choose from and get any amount. Minis are cheapest if they’re bought by the dozen.

13. Do you offer eggless cupcakes?

Yes, we do! We offer vanilla eggless cupcakes with an assortment of buttercream icings. There is a minimum order of 12 cupcakes, and they are made by by order only.